Draft Information


Monthly Draft Information

Premiums are drafted on the fifth of each month or the next business day should the fifth fall on a holiday or weekend.  A monthly draft notice is sent prior to the actual draft with the amount of the draft posted on the notice.  Premium is based on sales estimates provided by you at the beginning of each year.  If at any time during the year you would like to amend your sales estimates, please contact our office and we will be glad to assist you.

Monthly Draft Notices

A monthly draft notice is sent on the fifteenth of each month preceding the actual draft.  The draft amount is listed as well as banking information and premium breakdowns.  Should the information on the notice change (i.e. bank account, routing number, etc.) contact us immediately so our information can be corrected.

Changes to your Monthly Draft

If you have added or deleted a bank account, changed account or routing numbers, or need to make any other changes to your monthly draft, please contact our office immediately via phone, fax or complete the bank change.